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Management Consultancy

Whatever your business situation, developing and setting the strategic objectives for your organisation is fundamental to good business practice. As a third party, Delyn can provide an impartial review of current strategy, market position and opportunities, without the internal politics, protectionism and bias that may otherwise cloud the real issues.

We can assist in the formulation of the strategic options, to quantify the business case behind each choice and to support your implementation. Our experience lends experienced, practiced and often innovative means of achievement.

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Change Management
Although change is constant and impacts every organisation the ability to manage significant change requires a specific skill set. Our experience of delivering organisational change includes multi-site, integration, rationalisation and diversification throughout an organisation.

Delyn can work as part of your senior management and change team to establish your change plan, prepare the organisation by creating an environment for change and implement the change activities. We will work closely with you to manage the human aspects of change and support the change process.

Our knowledge and experience can guide your change process away from the traps, pitfalls and costs of incomplete change. We can manage the loss curve with realistic expectations and deal with fears by clear and unambiguous communication.

Our approach and methodology is not prescriptive but is robust and provides flexibility that can be tailored to your organisation's structure, business needs and culture, therefore ensuring that outputs are optimised.

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Project Management
Project Management is a key management skill that is widely taken for granted. It is assume that everyone has these skills. This is often not the case. Not all projects are well defined, adequately resourced or fully costed and the results are often unsatisfactory, often to be seen as a failure of project management.

The truth lies in the lack of preparation and planning without which every project is doomed to failure. Project Managers need a range of skills, from leadership and motivation through to problem solving and supply chain management. Each of these skills can be taught and tailored to your organisational needs.

Delyn will deliver a programme designed to provide a balance of knowledge and practical skills in a team activity to reflect elements of leadership, motivation, planning and communication.

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Business Risks
Business risks arise from every business activity. An organisations preparedness and ability to manage those risks may be the difference in survival after a risk event. Customers are becoming more conscious of the impact of a supply chain risk and the severity of failure. Potential customers will expect you to demonstrate a proactive approach to risk management, to provide the confidence that your organisation can adequately manage your business risks.

Key business risks to be considered will include sources of supplies, customer dependency, core skills / key personnel, financial, environmental impact, technical obsolescence, disaster recovery and succession planning.

Business Risk Management requires a formal assessment of the impact of potential failures, both internal and external, with an unambiguous structure for implementation and measures to mitigate that probable impact. Although the impact of many risk events can be offset by insurances, the real benefit of business risk management is survivability. Costs of avoidance and mitigation are insignificant compared to the costs of business failure.

DELYN can assist you in demonstrating that all business risks have been assessed and that systems and controls are effective, so that any risk event would not cause catastrophic business failure.

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