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Business Development

The key to business development is knowing your customers' needs and focusing your resources on achieving and exceeding their expectations. Delyn has assisted over 350 SMEs in improving their competitiveness. That assistance has been in marketing, process improvement, procurement best practice, Smartsourcing, supply chain management.

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Marketing - Business 2 Business
Many opportunities exist to supply larger organisations. Our regular contact with potential customer organisations provides the knowledge of their procurement needs (bought-in), capability (made-in-house) and procurement strategies. Delyn can provide additional marketing and sales opportunities. We facilitate the business 2 business opportunities by networking with potential customers to identifying opportunities and then selecting suitable suppliers based on our knowledge of the supplier's core competence and capability.

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Procurement - Local Sourcing
Local sourcing is recognized by many larger organisations as providing flexibility and service that cannot be replicated by remote suppliers. The drive for unit cost reduction often distorts the true cost of acquisition and the benefits of local sourcing are ignored. Our local sourcing initiative focuses on total acquisition cost and risk reduction.

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Procurement - Value Stream Management
Many companies struggle to manufacture components and products which could and should be bought-in. Understanding when and why products should be bought-in and identifying those products can make scarce resources available for more urgent production and provide improved profitability.

Value Stream Management considers 'make or buy' to compare internal production costs - associated supervision and management, asset specificity, yield and defect rates, floor space utilisation and the opportunity costs with the bought-in unit cost, supplier location, logistics cost and tariffs and risk to aid decision making.

Delyn has experience in developing procurement strategies for competitive advantage. When the decision is made to 'Buy', Smartsourcing can provide improved quality, lower costs, reduced lead times and added flexibility.

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Delyn encourages larger organisations to work with their suppliers to develop competitive advantage through collaboration and strategic procurement. Smartsourcing offers fundamental advantages that are developed from the supply chain and measured in total acquisition cost. In most situations a high proportion of total unit cost is contained in the supply chain and it is therefore essential that suppliers are treated in the same way as other contributors to company success. Companies that practice Smartsourcing achieve benefits in reduced costs, increased through-put, reduced inventory and improved overall business performance without the costs of management of a global supply base.

Delyn has a proven capability and experience in Smartsourcing - to identify suitable world class suppliers, both local and off-shore and apply diagnostic tools to support decision making. Those decisions include make or buy, supplier assessment, outsourcing, logistics and total acquisition cost, all driven by the need to achieve competitive advantage.

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Supply Chain Management
When your Customer demands continuous improvement and tighter quality control, do your suppliers contribute to improving standards or are they the root of the problem?

To succeed in todays competitive business environment, every organisation must harness and maximise the potential from its supply chain. That supply chain is only as strong as the weakest supplier. Identifying that supplier and providing performance improvement activity will provide a sustainable competitive advantage and will always be more cost effective than suffering continued poor performance.

Delyn has many years of practical experience and learning in the automotive supply chain development and other industrial sectors. Our process has been proven in both growth - reducing lead times, increasing flexibility and improving service - and in recession - reducing supply chain costs, eliminating duplication, reducing waste and assisting consolidation. The process is effective in all manufacturing, industrial or service organisations where suppliers are to be integrated, costs reduced and performance improved.

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